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FM Server 11 Client Names

Question asked by karend440 on Mar 13, 2011
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FM Server 11 Client Names

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Would appreciate any help with this!

I have recently installed FM Server 11. Being pretty new to this, is there anyway to change the clients names in the console? Right now, all's I see is the 3 letter user name (Company ID) for everyone. The only thing that makes the clients different is their IP number, which is less than convenient to remember for everyone. It reads:   CAD    IP#(which is different). I would 'think' there would be a way to chage the CAD part to read their login name or something, no?

In case this makes a difference, we purchased FM server with 10 licenses as a bundle package, so installing the program on users systems I was required to put "CAD" as the user name on the install.