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FM Server 11 will not run on Windows 2008

Question asked by Yadin on Nov 7, 2011


FM Server 11 will not run on Windows 2008

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Trying to install FM server on Windows 2008 32bit server SP2.  The software installs, then tries to launch the admin console to set up the server.  It reports it can't launch because the database server is not running and gives me a button to restart the database server.  I click this and after a long pause it tells me it is unable to start the database server, contact your administrator.  I love talking to myself but that simply is not helping.  The only reference I can find to this is the indication that port 5003 is not open, but it is.  There is nothing else running on this server, it's a fresh setup, so there are no conflicts at work.  There are no helpful errors given, and nothing in the event viewer.  It seems as though it simply does not work.  Can anyone help with this or am I stuck with paying FM more money to find out why their product doesn't even start?