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FM Server 12 crashes every couple weeks during scheduled import from MySQL

Question asked by DavidMoore_3 on Feb 1, 2013


FM Server 12 crashes every couple weeks during scheduled import from MySQL

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     We are severely regretting the Filemaker Server 12 upgrade. It has been one issue after another since doing so. Most of the petty issues are worked out now except for one major recurring issue that we never, ever had a problem with in FMS10 or 11. We have a scheduled script that imports orders from 2 websites every 5 minutes throughout the day. This script and our server had run for 2 years with FMS 11 without stopping and without any issues of any kind. The machine was restarted on occasion for updates, but the FMServer never stopped running once on its own. About a week after upgrading, the script froze and somehow emptied Primary Key field in the entire Line Items table so we had all of the orders with no line items. We modified the script to not include any script steps referencing this field in the final Line Items table(set the field in a Temp table first then imported). Approximately 2 weeks later, the exact same thing happened again, all line item Primary Keys gone. It  occurred on an approximately bi-weekly basis for 2 months so we shut the script off and now have been running it manually about every 10 minutes to 30 minutes with no issues for 6 weeks. We do not want to have to keep doing this manually. The script itself seems to work beautifully as long as 2 weeks have not elapsed on the server schedule or if it is run manually. Since the script is quite long and complicated, it is difficult to pinpoint what step(s) might be causing this. The server log just ends after the script starts and adds no more entries. If we restart FM Server it freezes again on the first run. If we restart the computer, it runs for 2 weeks again. There are no other scheduled scripts running when the freeze happens.  We are now going to go through and painstakingly log the script steps to see if we can record when the stoppage is happening in the script. Although since it runs a few hundred times without error, I'm thinking this will not shed any light on the actual cause of the issue.  Any other suggestions?

     Mac OS 10.7.5

     2Ghz i7

     8GB RAM

     Thanks in advance for any help,