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FM Server 12 External Storage - Performance issues?

Question asked by Pierre-MarcCayer on Oct 8, 2013


FM Server 12 External Storage - Performance issues?

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     We have deployed a new DB in our environment using FM Server 12.3 under OSX 10.6.8. The DB stores multiple information, including files in container fields. The server and DB are configured to use external storage for container fields. The users like the system so much that they would like to insert into the DB other types of files, which would mean an increase in the number of files externally stored and an increase in the file size of the files stored.

     Aside from the current bug in FM Server 12, which prevents the deletion of externally stored container files when deleting old backups, are there any foreseeable problems in running a FM Server 12 with many (several thousands) externally stored files? Will the number of files or the size of the files take a hit on the server performance?

     From what I understand, when using external storage for container fields, FM only saves a pointer to the actual file in the DB. So, in theory, it should not make any difference performance-wise. But, as there is always a difference between theory and practice...