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FM Server 12 invalid Path

Question asked by RichardKutz on May 28, 2013


FM Server 12 invalid Path

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     Just installed FM Server 12.04 (on Mac OS X 10.8.3) and my uploaded database works well except any path other than the 'filemac:/Macintosh HD/Library/Filemaker server/' is listed as invalid for backups, even though on the native drive. The other issue this has caused is I can no longer export PDF reports to any folder outside this folder path.

     Now I've been focusing on folder permissions and I am able to set fmserver access to read and write to all other folders on my drive but cannot find fmsadmin anywhere to give it read and write access as well to other folders (interestingly the Filemaker Server directoy in my library does have R+W access for both fmserver and fmsadmin). I tried to create and assign the fmsadmin user for my directoyr specifically in terminal but it isn't working. I am doing this all from the only account on the mac which is also the admin account.

     Any ideas? Appreciate any help.