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    FM Server Server Side Script Error 100 on Import .csv



      FM Server Server Side Script Error 100 on Import .csv

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           Hello everybody, 


           Yet again, I find myself entangled in yet another Filemaker clusterweb: This time, a very easy and straightforward server-side scheduled script that does nothing but import a set of data from a very benign and small import.csv file. 


           The long and short of it: I can't get it to run server side - I keep getting error 100 on scheduled execution. 


           The script runs perfectly fine when run from a filemaker client instance on that server, so I know the path should be right. 


           Where it gets confusing is which paths are accessible from a filemaker server scheduled script instance. All documentation indicates that the Folder should be, on a Mac, /Library/Filemaker Server/Data/Documents - I put it there - to no avail. 

           Then, I decided to trick filemaker into giving me the Documents path that it would expect - and, to my surprise, Get (DocumentsPath) yielded the Documents directory on my Mac (/Users/myuser/Documents) rather than the Filemaker Server Documents directory - and, as you would have guessed it - error 100 still. 


           My approach may be moronic, but to all my misery, there was a THIRD Documents folder located at /Library/Filemaker Server/Documents - also tried it with my import step, same result - error 100. 


           Am I missing something here? I'm on a Mac Server OSX 10.8. My FM Server version is 


           Obviously, I had prefixed all those paths that I attempted with filemac:


           I am now thinking about giving a relative path a try - but what on earth is wrong here to not find or be granted access to a file that clearly is where I indicate if would be? 


           Thanks for any help!




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               Just solved this issue. 


               As it might help another lost soul in the future, here's how I did it: 


               The key to success is all in the EXPORT function. 


               I made up a little export script, that would drop a file with an odd name to the DocumentsPath folder. 


               After I ran my script, all I had to do was to locate the odd name from the terminal - and I was able to find the specific document path that Filemaker Server uses on my machine!


               Little trickery - and you shall prevail....