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FM Server 13 - java 7 / java 6?

Question asked by tntneo on Apr 13, 2014
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FM Server 13 - java 7 / java 6?

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     I reinstalled FMS 13 clean, because I had a problem with the scripting engine.

     I also updated java 7 update 51

     But without java 6, FMS 13 works but not the scripting engine (it crashes).

     So I installed java 6 again.. now it works, but I am worried some plugins don't load because of that.

     In any case, the help on this site states java 7 is the only requirement for FMS 13 (FMS 12 requires java 7 and 6). Unless, another manual or documents says something else. So I am a bit confused. Is Java 6 required or not?

     I certainly can't make FMS 13 work with FMSE, the scripting engine, without java 6.

     Anyone has an idea? 

     Hint : I had FMS 12 before on that machine.. but it was uninstalled when I upgraded to FMS13.Thanks.