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FM Server 13 on Win Srvr 2012 - Web page won't start

Question asked by davidgrand on Mar 8, 2014
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FM Server 13 on Win Srvr 2012 - Web page won't start

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I have spun up a new virtual Win 2012 server with 8 gigs of RAM.  I did a fresh install of FM Server 2013.  I allow Bonjour to install. It is a Single Machine deployment.

I have the Deployment Assistant run through but I can't finish whenever I try to use Any web publishing configuration options.

The DA message is this:

Check to make sure FMI web site exists: passed
Create app fmi-test: passed
Test web server ( Error code = 503

Any ideas how I can get past this?  The Admin Console comes up fine on the Master machine, but I can't get to the Admin Console from any other workstation in my environment.

I checked into IIS on the machine and it is allowing for Anonymous Logins.  That is the only authentication on the FMWeb IIS instance.