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FM Server 14 ODBC External Data Source Problems

Question asked by brianne2727 on May 13, 2015
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FM Server 14 ODBC External Data Source Problems

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I have previously used FM server 13 and write everything back to my SQL database. I have been running on a single machine but I'm about to deploy FM server 14 across 2 machines to have WebDirect and server on two different dedicated servers. I have everything setup and I'm sharing solutions to the new FM server 14 but the External Data Sources I have setup don't seem to be working like they did before. I've configured the ODBC connections on the both servers and tried to recreate the EDS from the server file but it still doesn't recognize/accept my credentials. No error message, just no connection.

I'm trying to deploy a big project next week and this has thrown a big kink in my plans...

Any help is greatly appreciated!