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FM Server 8 Advanced XSLT SMTP config "An unexpected error has occurred"

Question asked by eimajenthat on Jan 8, 2010
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FM Server 8 Advanced XSLT SMTP config "An unexpected error has occurred"

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Hello FileMaker Folks!

I'm having a somewhat mysterious issue that I thought I would run by you all, to see if anyone has any tips.  First, a little background.  I'm running FileMaker Server 8 Advanced, as well as an office full of FileMaker Pro 8.5 clients.  We have one big database, and several other smaller ones.  Mostly, we interact with our databases through FMPro.  However, we also use FX.php through XML web publishing.  I know for a fact that XML Web Publishing, IWP, and fmapp are functioning properly on the server.  Up to now, we have not used the XSLT Web Publishing feature, but I am attempting to setup automated emails (to send package tracking information from a FileMaker-based UPS Shipping solution we've built internally).  The built-in Send Mail function has significant limitations, as I'm sure you're all aware.  Though it excellent for some purposes.


Thus, I am attempting to setup server-side email, using this tutorial:


However, when I input my SMTP server's information on the Admin Console (server/fmi/config), I get an "unexpected" error:



I've tried a few slightly different configurations, identifying the SMTP server by hostname, or by IP, using different authentication methods, etc.  The SMTP server is functioning.  I use for my own email, as well as some PHP scripts.  When I get the error shown above, if I hit "commit" again, the error goes away, and does not return unless I change the server information.  The information does get saved, because I can log out, and log back in, the information remains.  However, when I run the XSLT sample query from the browser (see tutorial linked above), I get a 10213 error ("missing or invalid SMTP server").  However the scripts does read and write the database, so basic XSLT does appear to be functioning.


So I'm looking for a solution, but I'd settle for a clue about what the actual problem is.  I don't see anything in the Event Viewer on the FileMaker server, and the "unexpected" error doesn't tell me a whole lot.  Does anyone have any tips?  Has anyone on here even worked with these features before?  XSLT is a new world for me.


Jamie Adams

Liquis, Inc.