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FM Server 9 + VMWare Server 2.x

Question asked by WaveDave on Jul 1, 2010


FM Server 9 + VMWare Server 2.x

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Hello everybody,

I've got a difficult problem since i installed FileMaker Server 9 on a Windows Server (2003 Std (also tried it on a Windows Server 2008 Std and Windows Server 2008 R2)).

Everytime i wanna open the assistant after the FM Server-Installation, i get an error: „Database-Server is not available….“, but if i click on „restart“. Afterwards, i get another error…“The Database-Server couldn’t start… Please contact your Systemadministrator“.

The point is following:

I know, why this service can’t start : Because of VMWare Server 2.01 ! VMWare also works with a webbased service called Tomcat. The same program which is needed for FileMaker Server 9…

Anyway… i tried to find out, which ports i have to edit. I could find only ONE port, which is needed for FM Server9 and also for VMWare Server 2.1:

  • 49166    fmsadmin.exe
  • 49166    vmware-hostd.exe

But i can’t find any configuration-file, where this port is listed in...

Does anyone know something about this problem ? Actually, it’s really important, because our client need to use FM Server9 as soon as possible !