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    FM Server 9 and Windows Server 2008



      FM Server 9 and Windows Server 2008

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      I am currently running FileMaker Server 9 on a 32 bit Windows Server 2003 server. The hardware is due for replacement but before I start migrating data, will FileMaker Server 9 run on a Windows Server 2008 server? I realize that there isn’t anything directly noted in the documentation however I am curious to know if it is even possible. Will it run on a 64-bit OS of Windows Server 2008? I appreciate any direction.

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          Lane Mcmullen:

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          FileMaker Server 9 wasn't tested or certified on Server 2008 or any 64-bit OS and there could be issues running it. It may be best to plan for a potential upgrade. Before you have your new hardware, try installing FileMaker Server 11 on a test machine and hosting your databases. This way, you will be able to easily upgrade your software should you need to. Another possibility is setting up a virtual machine on the new server to run a compatible OS. Since there could be compatibility issues, you may want to consider these alternatives before committing to FileMaker Server 9 on the new machine.

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