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FM Server 9 crashes

Question asked by radioman_1 on Aug 11, 2009
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FM Server 9 crashes

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I have an ongoing problem that is now unfixable. We just upgraded to version FM Server v9 from v8. Previously, I was seeing a lot of crashes of FM server, sometimes once a day, sometimes 4 to 5 times in a day. It seemed to be sometimes related to sorting the database but not always. In order to get it started again, I had to go into the activity monitor and manually shut down the fmhelperdaemon and mdimport. Then open the offending database locally and resave, then restart filemaker server. I was hoping the upgrade would take care of that problem. Instead, I just had FM Server v9 crash and now I can't get it started back up. Out of desperation, I restarted the server, and now after boot up the permissions are not working correctly. I can log on with the client fine, but trying to access the client database or start any new jobs, I get a message that "file is not modifiable". Checking the databases on the server shows that they are all open and normal. FM Server is set to use outside permissions, which normally works fine.

This time I was able to get around the problem by downloading an update for FM Server and installing that. After that, everything is back to normal. I'm worried though about what to do if it crashes again.

Here's what is running.

FM Server on Intel XServe dual core x2, 2.0ghz, 4 gig ram,  OSX 10.4.8, about 10 mixed PC and Mac clients.


Gary Schweitzer

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