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    FM Server Admin Console on remote computer not working



      FM Server Admin Console on remote computer not working

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      I am trying to run Admin Console from a computer other than the FM Server itself. I can access the console locally but when attempting to do it from another computer it takes a long time then eventually errors out.


      I do not have the server limited to local access only. I use the following method of opening the console:


      1. In FireFox (v2 and v3) I enter 'ipaddress:16000' and load the start page.

      2. From the start page I click on the Admin Console icon, it begins to download a file with a '.jnlp' extention and reports that it is launching the admin console.

      3. after a long time (more than 5 minutes sometimes) I get an error message that reports connection to the server has failed. (The specific error message is: Admin Server Connection Error: The admin console cannot establish a connection to the admin server.)


      I have made sure that port 16000 is open on the FM server machine. Is there anything else I am over looking?


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             You also need to open port 16001 on the server for remote administration to work.

          More info on the various ports that Filemaker Server uses can be found in this knowledge base article.

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            Since the Admin Console traffic is not encrypted; I use a ssh tunnel.


            Every time I go to to start the link; it downloads 

            the admin_console_webstart.jnlp module again & then runs.


            I assume I've missing a step somewhere that will provide a lasting startup link....




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                   I hate to pull up a 4 year old thread, but this 403 issue with the admin console seems to have been around a long time and there are never any resolutions or fixes.  This is clearly NOT a firewall issue.  If it was, there would be no response from the server, but there is an instant 403.  This indicates the traffic is fine, its some permissions issue on the server in the Filemaker configuration, be it their files or IIS setup.  I have been unable to track down where this problem occurs, mostly due to the hidden and mysterious file structures used by the server software.

                   Admin console launches fine on the server, as well as workstations on some subnets.  However, from outside subnets, or even our VPN system, it's 403.  This indicates that there is some network based permissions issue at work since there is no authentication involved to cause a permissions failure.  How this could be the case however is entirely unclear, but that's what the conditions point to.

                   If anyone has actually resolved this permissions configuration problem with the Admin Console, please please please detail the resolution for us!