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    FM Server Adv sending SMTP E-Mail Issue



      FM Server Adv sending SMTP E-Mail Issue

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      Why can the server send SMTP E-Mail to my SMTP Server via "Test SMTP Settings" from the Admin Console, yet

      I cannot send E-Mail from DB being hosted there or by a Scheduled Script i.e. "Server-Side" Does anyone have any 

      insight on this isse? Also, If I have DB hosted on the server and try to send E-Mail via SMTP is that sent locally or from

      the server? I need to know because our SMTP server looks for my FM Server's IP address to make sure it is OK.


      Thanks, Steve


      Server is Mac OS 10.4.11 Server is FM Server Adv 10.3

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          Steve Eikos:


          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


          FileMaker Server will let you send a server-side scheduled script that includes sending through the SMTP Server.  Just to be sure, I set up a script in a local file that only sends to our SMTP Server.  I then placed that file on FileMaker Server 10, opened the file using Admin Console, creating a schedule to execute the script, and ran the schedule.  The email was sent successfully.


          Make sure all settings are set properly locally and test it out before putting the file on the server.  If the server is not able to send the email, then make sure the appropriate port (usually port 25) is not blocked.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thanks for the reply.


            I think I remember trying this approach, but I will retry test it though.

            I need to look at port 25 it may be used.



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              Filemaker Server Advanced, Mac OS Server Leopard 10.5.8


              I am trying something similar: having a server-side script send E-mails. I run into the problem that I cannot get the script to recognize any related fields. I have in the database one record and one portal that shows a number of related fields. The relationship works, fields are indexed etc. The script works when I open it on the server, but when I include in a test script as a test-step a command to "Set Field TESTfield to RelatedDB::E-mail address" then that TESTfield stays blank. The portal shows me that there is a related record. The related database is in the same folder on the server. I have played with external data reference formats as I found them in this forum, but none of those makes the related field show up for the server-side script. The log does not show any errors. The field simply stays blank, the script does not know what address to send the message to..... What is going on?


              Thanks for any help!