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FM Server Advanced 12 Error 701 IWP terminated abnormally

Question asked by thinkworks on Jul 23, 2012
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FM Server Advanced 12 Error 701 IWP terminated abnormally

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In the first few hours after deployment of FM Server Advanced 12, IWP crashed abnormally six times and counting.

The served database, accessed by dozens of users, has been working perfectly on FM Server Advanced 11 for months. This weekend we upgraded to 12 and this Monday morning it is HAVOC. 

The alerts say: "2012-07-23 09:58:43.343 -0400 Error 701   [company server name]  Instant Web Publishing process has terminated abnormally."

When this happens, looking at the console, the Web Server icon is on Red. Clicking on Green seems to fix it, as does restarting the service. But after a few minutes here we go again. The logs do not show any specific action that occurs in any script or user behavior. It seems to be random. This very same database has been served and accessed without problems for months in 11 until the upgrade.

Can anyone help with insight or advice, please? 


PS. The Server machine is running MS Windows Server 2003 R2, Service Pack 2, Intel Xeon CPU E5405 @ 2.00GHz, 4 GB of RAM