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FM Server caching LDAP info?

Question asked by Yadin on Oct 31, 2011
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FM Server caching LDAP info?

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Our setup is as follows:  Mac servers running 10.6.8 server.  Filemaker server is on a server that is joined to the open directory of the primary server.  All authentication behavior is working as expected with AFP shares.

Filemaker is ignoring changes to group membership in the OD.  I add a user to a group, but that user is unable to see the databases using that group as external authentication.  This issue just started for unknown reasons, and is not possible from what I know.  Since I can verify there is no issue with the directory system on either system by working with AFP share access, the issue lies souly within the Filemaker server software.  The only way it can be completely ignoring the changes to the external accounts is to somehow have internally cached the group membership information from the OD.  This obviously would be very bad behavior and should not be possible.  I have restarted the database server with no effect.

Does anyone know if Filemaker can in fact cache the OD data, where that is to clear it, and how to prevent this bad behavior?  If not, can anyone identify another reason for this that I'm somehow missing?  It seems clear that Filemaker is not checking with the OD in a live fashion, I just don't know what it's doing and how, and to what extent I should be worried if it's caching credentials.