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FM Server language version related problem

Question asked by MartinRacko on Sep 6, 2010
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FM Server language version related problem

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I have following issue:

We have FM Server 10 (German version) installed in German office, we also use it for Web publishing and everything works good on the web site.

Recently we've installed FM Server 11 (English version) in our office in China and started the same web site there.

Shortly: there's a copy of German database and web site in China, the only difference is the version and language of FM Server.

The problem is that on the web site on chinese server the FM PHP API isn't able to show some text fields correctly and shows only '?' instead of text. I think this is because of the english version of FM Server in China, because I've experienced the same issue before. Don't know if this is PHP API related problem, 'cause on FM Server German everything's just fine. Unfortunatelly I can't tell exactly what mess is inside the database (.fp7 files) 'cause I didn't create it, someone before did.

I've tried to install German version of FM Server on chinese machine, but I'm not able to do so. Don't know why, but after installation it's allways english, even if I tried to install the German version of FM Server 10, which is on German machine and I didn't find any option to change language. Could you please give some advice, how to install German version of FM Server 11 or do you have any experience with '?' instead of text field when running the same web site on different language versions of FM Server.

Thank you for any comments. I'll attach links to screenshots of the '?' issue.

German FMS:

English FMS: