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    FM Server Not Starting fully



      FM Server Not Starting fully

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      Win2003 x64



      Recently this machine isn't fully starting FMServer. It reboots every night. When it starts up the FMS event log gets to the line for "Server Host Name" and stops. The 4 processes for the service are running, I can get into the server console, but no DBs are listed or accessible.


      If I manually kill the 4 exe's, then go start the service, it starts OK. I can't find any error messages anywhere as to what's wrong. Hitting a dead end. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          You said "Recently", so I'm assuming this used to work.  Correct? 


          I know this is more than a month ago, so if you have found a solution, please post here so others can benefit.


          If you are still having the problem, are you using Windows Server 2003 R2?  is this happening every night?  Or, is this happening on random starts?  What other services are running on the computer?  Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Server?  Is done through a schedule?  Does this work properly from the command line?  Do you recall what changed when this first started happening?  Was there an update to the OS?  Any other information you can provide may help narrow down the possible cause(s).



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Hi Mickey,

            your pc, is it a real pc or a virtual machine?


            My own filemaker server is running on a virtual machine (fms10a, w2k3, vmware fusion, on macintosh mini) and in this  environment i often have similar problems.

            I think it is a timing problem due to slow reboot process. So some parts of the filmaker server will not start fast enough and fms will see only timeouts. In case of problems i sset the filemaker system service to "start manualy", reboot, then start the service by hand, and all works well.

            Some times i have filemaker server, same os install disk, on a real pc for demonstrating on congresses or fairs (oops, right word? deutsch: Messe), and on a real pc i never see these problems.


            But as i sayd, i do not know exactly that it is the slow boot process that timeouts filemaker server, it is only speculative.


            greetings from gemany


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              This is on a physical server. Our inhouse solution is on a virtual and has zero problems.

              On the physical - there are no errors in the log as to what is happening.


              What I've been doing is running a batch file before shutdown:


              fmsadmin disconnect client -y ....

              fmsadmin close -y ....


              and one at startup


              fmsadmin START SERVER

              fmsadmin OPEN -y ....


              seems to have helped. Only happened one time since.