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FM Server Script - Error code 800 (unable to create file on disk)

Question asked by rothdavid on Mar 10, 2015
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FM Server Script - Error code 800 (unable to create file on disk)

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I have a few scheduled exports that I have FMServer 13x win performing daily.  Exports to the local server drives are fine.  I have a few that are network locations that error 800. 

If a user with a client runs the script from their client, the exports occur.  Its only when the server itself runs the scripts, does the script error.

The network location does have permissions set, its not a public area.  (AD environment)

The server computer was granted access to read/write the location also we changed FM server Service from the local system account, to run as an AD Administrators account (my own) and still, it cannot write to this location.  Its not specific to this location, my first attempt a few months back, lead to me export to a local drive, then using a scheduled task, move the files to their network storage location. 

Is it possible for the server to write to network locations ?  If so, any advice would be appreciated on how this occurs.

thank you,

David Roth