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FM Server setup - client cannot see host files

Question asked by mrchevelle on Mar 6, 2011
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FM Server setup - client cannot see host files

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This scenario is way out-dated, but the situation is a client has an older program that runs on FM ver 6.  Upgrading is not currently an option due to the cost, but their server recently crashed.  They now have a new server but did not have a copy of their FM Server software, only FM Pro 6.  I was able to locate a copy of FM Server 5.5 and install on their new server.

So, now when I go to a client machine and open FM Pro 6, I cannot see the FM Server host files (even with specifying hostname).  The FM Server service is running on the server, and the client can open the database directly from the shared directory (but they become the host then).  The database files are located on the same partition that I installed FM Server, but do they need to be in the Program Files/FM Server directory?  I have gone through the manual but cannot see what I'm missing from the setup.

Thanks for any help.