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FM Server trial

Question asked by CDCASA on Nov 9, 2011
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FM Server trial

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I am trying to use the FM Server free trial to see if it is what I need and I am having some issues. I am trying to avoid paying the extra money for FM Server Advanced and since FM Server does not work with IWP I was intending to give PHP a try. My problem is during the installation process it asks me to choose a web server to use for web publishing but I am confused because I thought that FM Server would BE the web sever itself. When I chose the only option available for this prompt (IIS) the next page told me the FileMaker installation process was unable to communicate with the web server I selected. The one I selected was the only option. I selected skip this step and was able to finish the process but I am confused of what I need to do to configure the web server. Advice?