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    FM Server used with cloud service



      FM Server used with cloud service

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      I am thinking about getting a cloud service and hosting FileMaker server on it so I can host my own solutions, is this possible with FM Server.

      Is FM Server better then FM Pro?  I have been very disappointed with FM Pro when accessing in a web browser it oes not have all the features as it is when accessing my files on FMGO.


      So my question is can FM Server work if installed on a cloud service, will I have full features, all scripts etc. will work on the Internet as it works on the desktop and FMGO.



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               FM Server should work fine with a cloud service, and you will end up with all the same features when accessing with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go.

               You may want to consider either shared FileMaker hosting as well to save costs and effort, or to at least use a virtual (cloud) server provider that specializes in FileMaker.  My company does both.  Contact me privately if you want more information.  Thanks!

               - John May