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      FM Web Direct Permissions

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      I am working on a FM Web Direct solution that has one DB as the front end and a second as the data source. I have no issues logging into FMP and making changes to data in a layout but with the exact same User ID, I receive a permissions error and am unable to modify the data (same layout.) Web Direct is allowed in both solutions security settings. Quite confused, this is my first FM solution so please talk basic.


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          Just to be clear - You can log into the database with FileMaker to perform actions but not through your Web Direct solution? 

          Can you confirm your privileges have database access through web direct? This is found in Manage > Security 

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            That is correct - Both databases show the two checked. This is even happening on [Full Access]. I feel like I am going crazy.

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              I was mistaken, It has the same issue on both FMP and Web Direct. I had not fully closed FMP and tried again. I am attaching a link to a video to hopefully help http://youtu.be/4SNOzpmUlhc (this video was processing with You Tube as of 11:35 EST. If you can't see it, please come back.)


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                After many attempts, I finally figured this out. My database was opening on a landing screen with a login button. This layout was related to a TO on the back end database. As the application opened, it was logging into the back end as guest. I had given guest read permissions on the TO that supported the landing screen. When the re-login script ran, it did not update the credentials for the back-end database thus pulling over guest read only credentials. 

                I created a Table in the front end database with a series of global fields and linked this to the landing page. By doing this, I prevented the app from calling the back-end database until after the re-login thus sending correct credentials to the back end database.

                I have also updated my guest security in the back end database to no access.