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FM10 AdvSrv - ODBC problem

Question asked by Ice72 on May 11, 2009
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FM10 AdvSrv - ODBC problem

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I'm trying to connect from a Windows PC, with Microsoft access 2000, to a FM10 srv.


I have enable ODBC on FM10, installed the driver on client, configured it ad granted "ODBC R/W" on my FM test file.


If I have linkd the table from access, without specifing any primary key (when requested from access), so I see all my

records (but limited to a read-only view, due to the PK missing mapping).


If I relink the table specifing which is the PK (an auto-inc integer called "id"), access link the table, but when

I double click on it I can only see a grid filled with a lot of "#Name?" strings (but whith the correct columns and

number or rows)  and a pop up window which told me a generic "ODBC: call failed".


Note: if I don't map the PK access doesn't allow me to update/delete/insert records ... :(


Any Idea?