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    FM12 Server - Enable Web Publishing fails



      FM12 Server - Enable Web Publishing fails

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      I have a brand new Windows 2008R2 server on which I installed FileMaker Server 11 a few weeks ago. Last week I uninstalled FileMaker Server 11 and installed 12. When I run the Deployment Assistant for "Enable Web Publishing" I get the following:

      THe FileMaker installation process was unable to communicate with the Web Serve you had previously selected.

      Stop web server: succeeded
      Creat app fmi-test: succeeded
      Restart Web Server: succeeded
      Start default web site: succeeded
      Update WPE deployment configuration: succeeded
      Test web server ( failed: Return code = 404


      A little bit of digging shows that the fmi-test directory was created here:

      C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\web-server-support\test\fmi-test

      however, there are no signs of any conifguration change in IIS7 or my inetpub directory.

      Anyone else running into this?

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          Exactly the same problem here. Windows server 2008R2 and FMSA 12

          Nothing writen in the IIS wwwroot directory during deployment of the web publishing.

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            Just to verify, are you using Service Pack 1 (SP1) with Windows Server 2008 R2.  SP1 is the minimum requirement for this type of configuration:


            And, just out of curiosity, are you attempting to deploy with SSL enabled?  Would be curious to know, knowing it isn't what you want to do, if deploying with SSL disabled worked any better for either of you.

            Likely we will need a little more information about your system and your configuration to get to the bottom of this.  My suggestion would be to click the REPORT AN ISSUE tab above and provide some additional information about your systems as well as the type of FileMaker Server deployment you are trying (single machine versus multi-machine) and we can look into this issue a little closer.

            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              Furthermore, can you check for the existence of the following folders:


              We have gotten some random reports that others have experienced a "404" error and were missing one or both of these folders.
              FileMaker, Inc. 
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                @TS_Shark    Good morning.

                to your first question:

                -Yes Windows 2008 R2  SP1  French      and IIS v7.5

                -SSL enabled   or not with same result

                -I cannot find a tab "Report an issue", where should I see this ?

                To the second question:

                -fmi-test and jakarta are not in the directory C:\inetpub\wwwroot

                -Just to see what the result could be, we copied the directory "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\web-server-support\test\fmi-test" to the "C:\inetpub\wwwroot".
                Then the deployment goes farther, givinng succes results to all steps, but in the final the IWP does not work, and ther is no other new directory in "C:\inetpub\wwwroot"

                I hope this will help you.
                Thanks for your attention.


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                  Claude -

                  Thank you for the additional information.

                  The missing folder(s) issue is an issue that we are currently tracking and gathering information about.  I do not have any additional suggestions at this time but I have passed on your information to our Quality Assurance and Engineering teams for further investigation.  As soon as we know something more we will let you know.

                  Let us know if you have any additional information that you think would be helpful.

                  Thank you for your patience.

                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    Hi Claude Willemyns,

                    Are using Windows Server 2008 R2 or the version Windows Web Server 2008 R2?

                    Also, please allow me to verify a few other things:
                    If you install FileMaker Server 11 or 10 on the same partition, does the jakarta/fmi-test show up?
                    Are you able to install FileMaker 12 on another machine successfully? 

                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                      @tsturtle good morning.

                      Yes, we are using Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 french  and not the Web server 2008 R2.
                      Java 6 update 24 and update 29.


                      I cannot try anymore the reinstallation of v11 on this server because I may not restart when I want after desinstallation. But Till last monday, V11 32bit was up and running includin IWP on this server. So I suppose that jakarta/fmi-test where there.


                      I tryed today to install FMPSA v12 on a fresh formated pc running Windows 7 pro sp1 32 bits French with the same installation kit and the same licence. V11 was never installed on this machine. As result, a succesfull installation, IWP is working on this test machine.But we need it on the server.

                      If I find some time, I will desinstall V12 and reinstall V11, then saving the parameters and desinstall v11 and reinstall v12 with the saved parameters on this test PC. But cannot promise I will have enough time to do this.

                      I hope you will be able to provide a solution very soon. We where starting developping a new solution in v11 one week ago and decided to stop and develop in v12, so now we are completely stopped because we need IWP.

                      Have a nice weekend.


                      Test on the PC is done now and I confirm after installing V11, desinstalling V11 and réinstalling V12, IWP still works as it should in V11 and V12.

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                        Good morning.

                        I come back to this point as I see there are no new reactions from FM.

                        I there progress with this ?



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                          Just to confirm I have EXACTLY the same setup and exactly the same problem. :(

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                            Same problem here.

                            This is a fresh install of FMSA12. No other FMSA has ever been on this system.


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                              Hi Claude Willemyns (et al),

                              At this time, FileMaker is still researching and investigating the issue.

                              For those with similar issues on this Operating System, please verify the following to avoid pigeonholing your issue into this one:
                              1.  In your FileMaker Server > Logs folder > Deployment.log file has an error similar to the following:

                              Test web server (http://[ip address]/fmi-test/test.xml): failed: Return code = 404

                              2.  Assuming FileMaker Server was installed in the default location, in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker SErver\Web Publishing\web-server-support\test does the test.xml file exist?

                              3.  In IIS > Default website, does fmi-test exist with the physical path (assuming default install location) C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\web-server-support\test\fmi-test?

                              If your results were true for the first two items and false for the third, your experience might mirror the OP.  If not, it may be more beneficial to create a new thread to troubleshoot that specific experience.

                              In the meantime, try ruling out other variables like third party plug-ins, third party apps (MSCONFIG > Services > Hide all MS Services > Uncheck additional services aside from FileMaker Server and Bonjour > Apply > Reboot), or installing under a new user account.

                              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                                Hi There,

                                Same issues here! New windows2008r2 fresh install 404

                                Kind regards,


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                                  some information from our IIS:

                                  • Our IIS hosts severals websites. 
                                  • It does not have a default node, but it has a catch all website for any unresolved server calls.
                                  • One think I noted the Admin console allways reverts to the internal IP Address of the server, even if I connect by - this when connecting on the server.
                                  • When connecting to the server from outside I get the IP address: which is not the public IP Address. The public IP Address is in the range  88.82.xx.xx. 
                                  Maybe this helps to pinpoint the error.
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