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    Fm12 server import script from self issues



      Fm12 server import script from self issues

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           I was wondering if anyone has come across issues where sere ran scripts are not able to import into its self.   For example I have a table that I import text files into and then parse the data into something else.   I then import the parsed data into my main table.   Normally I do this by setting a variable for get(filename) then using that in the import records specs.  

           This works great on the client side, but for some reason the server ran script will not import. I tried an error capture step but that did not returns anything.   I came up with a work around where I export the data then reimport it to my final table, but this seems like a very clunky approach. 

           Does anyone knows if it is possible to import records from one table to another in the same file is possible via server scripts?