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    FM12 Server Script Crash



      FM12 Server Script Crash

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           I have a new server script that runs a FM script that is crashing and actually bringing down the script engine. It's nothing complicated and I have made sure all non server compatible script steps have been removed. Is there a way to see where exactly the error is happening? The log is very non-descript. I would love to see which part of hte script and what line.

           My script actually runs through a bunch of subscripts, but I have that with other scripts that work fine. 

           Any help would be great. See below for the error email:

      FileMaker Server on roundhillserver.local reported the following event:

      2013-01-02 16:51:00.412 -0500 Error 757 roundhillserver.local Schedule "Webiste Upload" aborted; FileMaker scripts can't be run because FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) process is stopped. Use the command "fmsadmin start fmse" to start the FMSE process.

      Contact information not specified.

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               You might try recovering the file and seeing if the server schedule still has this issue when run on the recovered copy. This crash could be due to a damaged file.

               Things to keep in mind about Recover:

               While Recover almost always detects and fully corrects any problems with your file...

          1.           The recovered copy may behave differently even if recover reports "no problems found".
          3.           Recover does not detect all problems
          5.           Recover doesn't always fix all problems correctly
          7.           Best Practice is to never put a recovered copy back into regular use or development. Instead, replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if this is at all possible. You may have to save a clone of the back up copy and import all data from your recovered copy to get a working copy with the most up to date information possible.


               And here's a knowledgebase article that you may find useful: What to do when your file is corrupt (KB5421).

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                 Michael: we have exactly the same issue. And we have reinstalled the server (Windows 2008r2) and Recovered the files and so on.


                 Did you solve this? How?


                 We have found a workaround that prevents the scripts from craching: adding som steps in the script that moves some not used data in other tables. Very strange, but it makes them not abort.