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FM12 Server Script Crash

Question asked by laudmusic on Jan 2, 2013
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FM12 Server Script Crash

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     I have a new server script that runs a FM script that is crashing and actually bringing down the script engine. It's nothing complicated and I have made sure all non server compatible script steps have been removed. Is there a way to see where exactly the error is happening? The log is very non-descript. I would love to see which part of hte script and what line.

     My script actually runs through a bunch of subscripts, but I have that with other scripts that work fine. 

     Any help would be great. See below for the error email:

FileMaker Server on roundhillserver.local reported the following event:

2013-01-02 16:51:00.412 -0500 Error 757 roundhillserver.local Schedule "Webiste Upload" aborted; FileMaker scripts can't be run because FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) process is stopped. Use the command "fmsadmin start fmse" to start the FMSE process.

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