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FM13 Server Problems

Question asked by JZombie on Jan 28, 2014
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FM13 Server Problems

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     These are emails that I received from our clients that have problems with FileMaker 13 Server Advanced.

"I am having some issues with the website and I’m not sure if it is on your end or ours. Every letter I type causes the whole screen to grey out and pause for a few seconds. It is also deleting sections that I have typed. I can’t even get beyond the first page. Please let me know if there is a solution. Thank you"

"Are you having issues with your website? Because it's very slow to the point where it's unusable. Can you just send me an order form that I can fill-in? Thank you"

"Hi! I couldn't log in to your website, it says something about my browser is too old. Can you help?"

"Hi, Please see the attached order. I was having trouble entering it in your website. Can you send me a confirmation that you received this order? Thanks"

     These are just some of the emails that we received from our frustrated clients. My boss is really worried and furious about what's happening. We went live this weekend and 2 days later we received a lot of customer complaints about WebDirect. We have a T-1 line and our website only has 2 small picture logos. And we didn't have speed problem with FMS 12 before. So my question is:

     Will FileMaker make an update to resolve this performance issues? Especially the constant refreshing every time you type something?