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FM9 Adv. Server

Question asked by Roofuzz on Jan 27, 2009
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FM9 Adv. Server & high cpu load

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Hi everyone,

I hope you guys can try and help me out with a problem i'm having at the moment.

I have a W2k3 R2 Standard server with FM9 Advanched Server installed with Web Publishing.
The server has 2 intel quad core 2.8Ghz cpu's and 4GB's of RAM.
I am running 1 FM database wich is 40MB. Database cache size is 25MB.

We have 30 concurrent connections to this database through both Filemaker 7 Pro clients (Mac OSX 10.4 and Windows XP) and Web (IE6,IE7) but the server performance is really slow. The average CPU load on this server is 33% and 692MB of RAM is in use.

The database is used to maintain inventory and order information. The data is not mutated much during the day. The database consists of about 50.000 records.

1) What can cause the high CPU load on the server ? 25 connections isn't much or am i wrong ?
Also the record search time is really slow..

2) Is there a maximum size of a FM database before there could be issues with the database or slowdowns?

3) How many records/lines are supported in 1 database ?

I hope you can help me out a bit, i don't know much about Filemaker, sorry.
I can post more info if needed.