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FM9 release - upload database question

Question asked by krempch on Feb 2, 2009
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FM9 release - upload database question

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I added a new database - it is a cloned (no records) copy of our production DB.


The extended privs are set for FMAPP in all the priv sets. FM Network sharing is enabled.


If I open the locally on a workstation, That workstation shows up in the 'open remote host' dialog, left pane.


If I upload same database to the server, it loads successfully and I get the 'green dot'. Problem is, it will NOT show the checkmarks for the FMapp (FMPro) or IWP (PHP) settings.


Database appears to be fully functional - I can add records, do exports and do imports. I would like to understand why it will not display the checkmarks before I allow clients to use it, as the data in it will eventyually be imported into our Production, and I do not want to damage that database with a 'DUH' later on.


Thanks for any insights.