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FMAS 12 Coffee Cup Problem

Question asked by donjuancarlos_1 on Jan 10, 2013
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FMAS 12 Coffee Cup Problem

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     FMAS 12 on Windows 7 Pro machine.  The server is used for FIleMaker only, and hosts about 20 DB files totalling 600 MB

     Clients are a mix of Windows 7, XP, and Vista and iPad.

     Authentication is done by a mix of External and FileMaker authentication

     Database files were recently imported from FileMaker 11



     When opening a database for the first time since FileMaker was opened, clients experience a 10-second pause with a coffee cup icon about 90% of the time.

     The problem does not exist when I run the database files locally on my computer.


Attempted remedies and checks that did not work:

     - Reinstall Windows and FMAS 12 on the server computer.

     - Checked and rechecked all External Data Sources

     - Checked all server performance meters to see if something is tying up/overloading the server.


     Anyone know what might be tying up clients for 10 seconds at a time?