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FMP 11 Advanced server, lock up, multiple logins, no debug info

Question asked by philmee95 on May 15, 2012
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FMP 11 Advanced server, lock up, multiple logins, no debug info

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Thank god whatever is happening waited until most tables were moved to FMP 12.

So I we have advanced server with 4 databases. The databses had been running fine for at least 6 months. The other 30 or so DB were moved to 12 and these last 4 are on fmp advanced server 11 until we find a workaround for a db4 file import filter bug in fmp 12.

So clients have 11 and 12 installed which might be the issue. The last server was win2k3 with fmp11 advanced and the 11.2 patch.

I built a new server last night on win2k3 x86 and installed filemaker clean thinking it could be the server.

Same problem with the file locking up when a simple button that chnages layouts and does a find on 1 field for the word "open" (other values are closed, in process etc.). This is when the query dialog box pops up, won't go away and eventually fmp shows as gray as it is not responding to windows gui updates.

Sign onto the server admin and see multiple connections for the same people. So there may be 8 clinets logged as using files but there are only 3 people that need these files and they are just duplicated.

Nothing in the 1 log file I found in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Logs\Event.log

Nothing in windows events besides a few warnings after

and these after the server is rebooted as stopping fmp service just hangs as well:

Database "Bodyshop" was not closed properly; performing consistency check on 9508 blocks...

and these user disconnect warnings:

Client "Citrus Motors (lt-pc3) []" no longer responding; connection closed. (10)

The server has always had 3 gb ram, 2 vCPU as this is on vmware and has been for at least a year.

How do I trouble shoot this? I have nothing to go on. We have 2 copies of fmp client advanced, but not knowing where to begin looking is not helping as I do not see any rhyme or reason why moving 90% of the files off this server would cuase these issues.

There are no references to fmp12 files. There is a linked SQL datasource that is read only. Supposedly there have been no changes to this fmp database as far as schema or scripts within a month. Problem started 2 weeks ago.