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    FMP 13 Custom Homepage for Logout/Timeout



      FMP 13 Custom Homepage for Logout/Timeout

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           The below FMP WebDirect Guide excerpt provides details on how to create a custom non-FMP branded page that will appear when a user logs out or their session times out. Seems straightforward but alas no luck. I swapped out the fmwebd_home.html with a custom page and kept the name the same as directed in the guide. However, the custom page never loads and my users keep getting hit with the FMP logos which is confusing to them and destroys the branded experience.

           I'm running Mac OS 10.8.5 with FMP Server 13.0.1.

           Anyone else having an issue with this or found a workaround?

           Thanks in advance,

           From page 27 of the FMP 13 WebDirect Guide:

           Chapter 3 |
           Publishing a FileMaker WebDirect solution 27
           Using a custom homepage
           To replace the default Database Homepage, place an HTML file named fmwebd_home.html in the HTTPServer/conf folder where FileMaker Server is installed (Windows) or in the /Library/FileMakerServer/HTTPServer/htdocs folder (OS X). Web users are returned to this page when they log out of a session or the session times out.

           You can use the fmwebd_home.html file that is on the disk image as a basis for your custom homepage. Be sure to make a copy of the original file before modifying it. Or you can create your own homepage, such as one that redirects web users to another page on your website.

           If there is no file named fmwebd_home.html in the conf folder (Windows) or the htdocs folder (OS X), FileMaker WebDirect uses the default Database Homepage.

           To prevent a custom homepage from loading into the FileMaker WebDirect layout frame when a user logs out via a script or when a session times out, add the following JavaScript to the head section of the fmwebd_home.html file:
           if (window != window.top) top.location = "/fmi/webd/#";

           You can set top.location to the home URL or any other URL

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               I am having a similar problem.  I replaced the


          file with a custom one, but I still get the default one loading.  There is not a problem with file because when I load it from the browser directly using


          it loads fine; I get my custom one, not the default.  I have checked the access prigs and both fmserver and fmsadmin have access.

          Any ideas?

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                 I am having a similar problema. http://myip/fmwebd_home.html work fine, but http://myip/fmi/webd is not customized.

                 Help please.

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                   Same issue here.  Changes made to fmwebd_home,html but not changes to default page.   In fact, I did not see an association between the existing default page and what was being shown.

                   Changing the IIS page (conf/index.html) works fine.

                   Help please.  (I am using a 3Ghz 2 processor 4G mem windows server 2012)

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                     To add a wrinkle, when I link directly to the myip/fmwebd_home.html it appears to load in the remote browser, ye tit is a blank page (just white).  That is for the default sample file.

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                       Thank you for the posts and I apologize for the delay.


                       In FileMaker Server 13, you cannot customize the http://<server IP>/fmi/webD page like previously with the Instant Web Publishing home page (http:<server IP>/fmi/iwp) in FileMaker Server 12 Advanced.


                       However, you can customize the "fmwebD_home.html" file in the HTTPServer/conf folder where FileMaker Server is installed (Windows) or in the /Library/FileMakerServer/HTTPServer/htdocs folder (OS X) and direct users to:


                       http:<server IP>/fmwebD_home.html


                       You may also rename the "fmwebD_home.html" file and use the new name. For example, if I call the file "home.html" instead, then I would visit the custom home page via:


                       http:<server IP>/home.html


                       The default "fmwebd_home.html" is not blank, but contains the HTML code in the screenshot below.


                       If on a Mac and attempting to open the .html file using TextEdit, in order for the text to display as HTML:


                       1. Open TextEdit > Preferences

                       2. Open and Save

                       3. Check the box "Display HTML files as HTML code instead of formatted text"


                       Please let me know if any of the above needs further clarification.



                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Hi Falcon

                         Thanks for your response.

                         The problem is not calling this page from the browser, it is when the user logs out of the database and gets presented with the list of Files available on the server in question.

                         I have modified the /Library/FileMakerServer/HTTPServer/htdocs/"fmwebD_home.html file to do nothing else other than redirect the user to the client web site (rather than the list of FM databases), but this is not the file that is loaded when they log out.  They still get the list of database with the FileMaker logo.

                    If I call that file from the browser, it works fine. I am redirected to the client web site.

                    Obviously the logout process calls another file, not this one.  Where does that other file live?


                    Daniel Kaan

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                      Daniel Kaan:

                           Thank you for the reply.


                           Are the users first logging into the database through the custom home page?


                           Here are the steps I took:


                           1. In my browser, I visited my custom home page: 


                           http:<my server IP>/fmwebD_home.html


                           2. Logged into one of my databases via the provided hyperlink

                           3. Clicked "Admin" ( current user account name ) at the top right of the window

                           4. Clicked "Logout" ( Alt/Option - O )


                           I am then redirected to my custom home page. Please let me know if I am missing a step to replicate?



                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             Hi TSFalcon.

                             Thanks for your response.

                             When call the home page from the browser:


                             I get my customised home page as expected.

                             The path of this file is:


                             That home page has a hyperlink to:


                             I click that link and log into the database and then log out as per your steps 3 & 4 above or (just cancel at the login prompt).  Instead of calling "http://<ip>/fmwebD_home.html" the browser calls "http://<ip>/fmi/WebD#" and I see the default FileMaker list of databases which is not what I expected.  The documentation implies it should call "http://<ip>/fmwebD_home.html"

                             The question therefore is, when a user logs out, either

                             1. how do I get WebDirect to call the custom home page "http://<ip>/fmwebD_home.html"?


                             2. what is filepath of the file that does get called when WebDirect calls "http://<ip>/fmi/WebD#"? It clearly is not "/Library/FileMakerServer/HTTPServer/htdocs/fmwebD_home.html" as the documentation leads me to expect.

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                          Daniel Kaan:

                               Thank you for the reply.


                               FileMaker Server 13 dynamically creates the http://<ip>/fmi/WebD webpage and that page cannot be modified. You may however modify the fmwebD_home.html file to provide users a custom homepage.


                               I am unable to replicate given your steps. Here are the steps I took:


                               1. Visit my custom home page: http://<my server IP>/home.html

                               2. Clicked the "FMServer_Sample" hyperlink to log in

                               3. Clicked "Admin" and "Logout"


                               Afterwards, I was redirected to the custom homepage.


                               Next, to make sure the automatic login wasn't the cause, I removed the automatic login of the Admin account ( File > File Options ) from the FMServer_Sample.


                               I then repeated the steps above. This time, I logged into the file through the User/Password prompt. Upon logging out, I was returned to the custom homepage.


                               I then repeated the steps above again. This time, I copied and pasted the URL from the custom homepage and logged into the file using the direct link below: 




                               Upon logout, I was returned to my custom homepage. 


                               Do you see any steps necessary to replicate in the above process I might have missed?



                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                                 Thanks again for your response.  I thought your "home url" parameter looked promising, but alas to no avail.

                                 I replicated all the steps you carried out and in each case went to the FileMaker page, not the custom one.

                                 I created a page


                            and when called from


                            this page loaded correctly.

                            Then I tried the following:

                            1.   http://<ip>/fmi/webd?homeurl=http://<ip>/fmwebD_home.html#<databasename>

                                 On logging out, the browser called the following URL but displayed the FileMaker home page:



                                 2.   http://<ip>/fmi/webd?homeurl=http://<ip>/index.html#<databasename>

                                 On logging out, the browser called the following URL but displayed the FileMaker home page:



                                 3.   http://<ip>/fmi/webd?homeurl=http://<ip>#<databasename>

                                 On logging out, the browser called the following URL but displayed the FileMaker home page:



                                 It seemed to ignore the "homeurl" parameter all together. Either that or it couldn't make sense of it and reverted to default.


                                 So I am no closer to a resolution I'm afraid. I have had this same problem on several different versions on the server (IWP on < v13) on several platforms and in the past have just given up.  This is beginning to look equally intractable in 13 and I am beginning to get that same resigned feeling...

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                                   I also thought about what is different about your server and all the servers I have dealt with.  I know that PHP and sometimes FileMaker is not good at handling international dates (we use English style "dd/mm/yyyv" format in Australia) so I configured my test server to use the US Pacific time zone and US dates and rebooted.  But unfortunately the problem persisted.  It was worth trying; just letting you know to save you the trouble.

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                                     I appreciate especially Daniel's determination to confirm this as at best a poorly explained feature.  I can concur that following the WebDirect guide as written, I am not able to get the system to return to my customized page.

                                     I have since been able -- through google search -- to find an approach that is working for me.  However, I am not sure of architecturally this mucking around is what the Filemaker folks have in mind.

                                     I am no expert, so I will write what I think I know, and then ask FIlemaker to clarify.

                                     The key is in setting the top.location parameter, which is suggested as a script step in the header of the customized page. 

                                     1) It would be MUCH appreciated if an example of the full script and header HTML be added to the WebDirect guide, as currenty simply says to add a script that...

                                     However, doing so alone did not change the situation for my system.

                                     In addition, following advice from fmforums: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/90750-custom-homepage/

                                     I changed imp_home.html in Web Publishing\publishing-engine\jwpc-tomcat\fmi\VAADIN\themes\default\layouts to include

                                <body> <script type="text/javascript">

                                top.location.href = "http://<you URL to Redirect Goes Here>";

                                </script> </body>

                                     It works now as I wanted.  However, I am non expert and am not comfortabel poking around in a part of the webdirect configuration this way.  Filemaker, please explain what I had to do this and advice and preferred and future supported approach.  If this is a clear setting, which not add it in the Admin UI somewhere?

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                                       Thanks Brian, this is the first suggestion that I have come across that works.

                                       I do agree with your "poking around" comment.  It is quite likely this file will be overwritten at some stage when FM releases some future update, so it is not a robust solution. It would be desirable to have /Library/FileMaker Server/ HTTPServer/htdocs/fmwebd_home.html to have this modification instead.

                                       Still, desperate situations call for desperate measures...

                                       I am likewise keen to hear what FM has to suggest.  Maybe in their next bug-fix release they should replace the file you mentioned with one that contains your code, but points to the  /Library/FileMaker Server/ HTTPServer/htdocs/fmwebd_home.html file. Then we could modify it instead as per the documentation without fear of losing it every time there is an upgrade.

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                                         I am experiencing a problem very much like Daniel Kaan. I do not find the solution entirely spelled out here. I also changed the file "iwp_home.html" (not imp), on the following path:


                                         Path: C;//Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/jwpc-tomcat/fmi/VAADIN/themes/default/layouts/


                                    There are still some issues, once deployed:

                                    If you “cancel” when prompted to logon, the server will re-direct to something like “http://192.168../fmi/webd#, and leave you on a blank page.

                                    When you logout, also, the server will re-direct to something like “http://192.168../fmi/webd#, and leave you on a blank page.


                                    My client will want proper error trapping to avoid the blank page redirect, which WebDirect wants to do, to that URL: ttp://192.168../fmi/webd#


                                         Can someone pitch in here?

                                         One file attached.




                                         Jonn Howell

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