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    FMP 13 Features that would work on FMS 12?



      FMP 13 Features that would work on FMS 12?

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      I have given up on FMS13 WebDirect. We're in the verge of losing our biggest client because they just couldn't use our website. It's just too darn slow.

      So, I'm forced to go back to FMS 12 "again". I did this before because I thought the problem was with my system. So I went out spent almost $12k on new hardware, 2.7GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5 Mac Pro with 64GB RAM then upgraded our internet to Fiber 20/20. Hoping that with this new hardware would solve the problem. But it didn't. I have 10 FMPro constant connection and 1 or 2 WebDirect connection and it still slow.

      Now, what I want to know is, what features of FMP13 will be compatible with the database hosted on FMS12?

      I have already tried the POP Over and it works. Is there a list somewhere in FileMaker's website that list these features?

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          Popover, your example, is a feature of FMP 13. The client software. It's not a feature of any server version afaik. So if FMS 13 hosted a file created in FMP 12, popovers would not work. Similarly, FMS 13 hosting files developed in FMP 13 will not enable popovers if the client is running FMGo 12.

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            Thanks for your reply Rick.

            I know popover is a feature in FMP13.
            I'm not talking about FMS13 hosting a file created in FMP12 nor FMS13 hosting files developed in FMP13.

            I'm talking about FMP13 client accessing database hosted in FMS 12. 
            Like I said, I already tested the popovers and it works on FMP13 (client).
            I have not tested pop overs on FMGo13 but I will later.

            What I'm trying to know is if there is a list of features on FMP13 that will work if the database is hosted on FMS12.
            I know it's stupid to use FMP13 to access database on FMS12, but I'm only doing it for one reason.... IWP kicks WebDirect's behind in terms of speed.

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              I want to bring a good client over to Filemaker, but with everything I have heard about Server 13, I am just having a really hard time wanting to commit to it. It sounds like features were far more important than performance and reliability. Sorta sounds like the current Mac OS X - bloated and more concerned with gimmicks than being a kick-butt product. The other huge issue is the licensing scheme of combining webdirect and fmpgo connections. That is almost an instant deal-breaker. Filemaker, if you want to make money, stop tying our hands Quark-style licensing and start making it easy to bring clients onto the platform. 

              At this point, I, too want to know the feature compatibility matrix. Without it, I absolutely will not bring another client over to Filemaker.