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FMP 9.0.1 moved to Small Business Server

Question asked by Leatherman on Mar 29, 2009
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FMP 9.0.1 moved to Small Business Server

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I have been successfully running a critical database from the main PC in our office with remote access from 2 satellite PCs in the building, under 3 licenses.

We have now upgraded to a new RAID server (SBS 2003). An important objective is to be able to access the files remotely through a VPN as well as the local area network. It therefore seemed logical for the installation engineer to move the FMP application and data file to the server. He put them in a new folder (this seems to be a separate U drive) called "Filemaker on SBS". Our main files are on "Company on SBS 2003", the X drive.

This disabled the LAN remote access. Your User Guide suggests that this is not surprising, so I moved the application back to the old PC, which is still our main work-horse and left the data file on the server. No joy there. If I move the data file back to the PC I suspect I won't get remote access over the VPN either.

Can you advise me of the correct set-up so that I can restore remote access locally and over a VPN? I would appreciate a step-by-step guide as I don't have an I.T. background.


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