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FMP Pro Vs FMP Server and assigning specific IPs to Web Publishing

Question asked by fmp8743 on May 20, 2010


FMP Pro Vs FMP Server and assigning specific IPs to Web Publishing

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I already asked this question in the FMP forum and double it up here in case it is more appropriate:


I think the software is excellent and am very satisifed with its features. Another forum member was kind enough to supply an answer about routing and I am experimenting with that now but:


I am on Windows Pro Server 2008 and when I use Web Publishing Wizard the software is automatically assigning an IP that is used by the network for backing up files and not for the publishing.


Is there any way to choose this IP specifically? Does the server software offer this option?


If server will do this then:


I am using FMP 11. When I attempt to install FMP Server 11 it says "Don't install this on a machine that is a file server." My Machine is a dedicated server that is part of a network at a hosting site. D: drive has the actual virtuals (IIS7). C: has Program FIles(x86), of course. Should one avoid installing server on a machine that delivers websites, even the C: of the senerario above?


And will FMP 11 Sevrer give one this option? For example can you use it (it is implied as so in your advertising) to make an external website (with PHP) that replicates the db functions and does not use the Instant Web Publishing local address?



Thank you time is of the essence for this project.