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FMP Server 10 Set up Problem: Uploaded Files not seen

Question asked by pwhite on Jan 19, 2010
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FMP Server 10 Set up Problem: Uploaded Files not seen

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I've just installed FMP 10 on a new mac mini running snow leopard.  The FMP Client software is also newly installed and is v. 10.0v3.

We uploaded several databases - going through the upload process seemingly successfully.

The problem is when we go to the client and try to open a remote file, we can see the server - but the only available file is the sample database that came with the server. The uploaded files are not visible.  We can add the correct path and file name at the bottom and open the file, but this isn't quite satisfactory, since we're used to seeing the available files using another fmp server running an older software.  


Although we had this problem before we changed the name of the server, there is one oddity that should be mentioned. The computer name was changed after installation of the FMP Server software:  from fmpservermini to uopmini. We have seen both names come up on the client software under the open remote dialogue window. Also, the FMP server software name - when the program is opened, is the old name:  fmpservermini.


We have seen the name of the available files blink on the screen - and then disappear - though I have not seen that phenomena today. We have uploaded the files so there is no space in their name - thinking that may be a factor, but apparently its not. In the manage database section of the FMP Server software we can see all available databases. The one distinction that is noticeable is that the sample database has checks under all the categories, ODBC/JDBC, web publishing, etc, whereas the other databases do not.  I do not find any difference in set up within the databases themselves, however. In other words, the ODBC/JDBC settings are turned off in all databases, including the sample.  


Any suggestions on how we can get the uploaded databases to appear in the available files window would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.