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Question asked by JonathanGourd on Jul 11, 2013



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     Does there exist an API documentation guide to the URL of the IWP?

     For instance if I have a session open to a DB on the server using IWP, if I call a URL for the server and add -new in the get string, a browser opens up with a new empty record on the default form.

     Do I have to reverse engineer the IWP's URL API with httpAnalyzer or is it published somewhere?

     Perhaps I should state why I need this in case someone has a better way.

     I am the admin of a huge monolithic medical imaging application that costs several million dollars. That application has the ability to allow me to create menu items and toolbar buttons that call a URL. It can be GET or POST and it can supply its own data in the POST or GET. The idea is that I can load a web based application of my choosing and pass interesting data to it such a exam number, patient demographics, etc. from the large monolithic app. One example is I cobbled together a URL interface that when you click the button in my imaging app, it loads an internal web page that, when passed a patient ID, displays all the lab work for this patient.

     I have made some progress with httpAnalyzer and been able to set all the fields in my FMP12DB record #1 to the values I want from the large medical imaging application. If this can't be done, I need to teach myself PHP or use FMPro as an ODBC data source and do it all in JavaScript or VBScript. Going that route however would extend the deadline of this project 10fold so if I could just get the API docs for the URLs in IWP that would be great.