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FMP Server 14 remote access issue

Question asked by burghfan on May 20, 2015


FMP Server 14 remote access issue

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Filemaker Products being use:

FM Go 14

FM Pro 14

FM Server 14

Our FM 14 Server hosted database works pretty much without any issues when accessed on the LAN either by a Mac or Windows PC or an iPad. (all using the version 14)

That is not the case when connecting remotely. The issue happens whether on a Mac, Window or iPad. From all three platforms we can access the database and move from table occurrence to table occurrence we can even view pdf's in container fields. What we can't do at all is enter data into fields. As soon as you enter a field the database freezes and will not allow the data to be entered.

The router has port forwarding allowed for 5003, are there other router ports that should be opened to allow data entry?