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    FMP server 9.03 admin console closing out.



      FMP server 9.03 admin console closing out.

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      I am trying to log into the admin console to grant access to our FMP database for a user.  I can log into the admin console just fine.  After that is when things start to get weird.  IF i cliuck on eitehr clients or databases under administration i get an error.  All the error says is Admin Server connection error:  An unknown error has occurred.

      Any thoughts on why this may be happening?  I looked in event viewer and didn't see anything.  I checked the logs at C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Logs and it had nothing in there about closing out.  Is there anywhere else I should be looking for in logs?  Not sure where to really go here.  I have attached  a screenshot of the error.

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          Daniel Grm:


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          The first thing you want to do is restart the FileMaker Server Service by running "fmsadmin restart server" in Command Prompt (running as administrator) or Terminal. You may also achieve this by rebooting the machine.


          FileMaker Server 9 requires Java 6 update 7. If you have updated Java, then you will have issues with the Admin Console.


          You may also reinstall FileMaker Server 9. This would resolve any issues the software may have gathered over time.


          For more information check out the FileMaker Server 9 Help Guide.



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