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FMP13 ssl certs

Question asked by alternapop on May 6, 2015


FMP13 ssl certs

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We have two different FMP 13v5 servers and both are using SSL certs.  When I browse to one server in Google Chrome, the security icon is green and valid.   When I do the same on the other, it's not green but is grey and it doesn't give a privacy warning.

Both servers show up with valid certs when browsing to the same web pages in Safari.

We use a cert load balancer so the certs are handled elsewhere from the server by another team.

The only difference I can see is that within IIS "site binding" for each server's port 443, the one that's not working on Chrome is set to use the default FM cert, "FMI Certificate Authority".   I didn't think this mattered because of the load balancer but perhaps it does.

I am able to choose the correct cert within IIS but need to know if I can do this while the server is running with hosted databases, or perhaps if there are any other gotchas I need to be aware of.   I would make this change to test if that's why the security icon is grey on the one server.

I am planning to install the v9 patch but noticed this first and thought I should figure this out before proceeding.