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    FMPA12 to FMS13



      FMPA12 to FMS13

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           So we are seriously considering moving to FMS13 for the simple fact of future proofing our system.

           Currently we run four desktops running FMP and four iOs devices with FMGo all of this is hosted peer to peer from one of the desktops running FMPA.

           Since we need to start using FMS13 to have more than 5 connections (for which we currently have max 9...do not get me started on that), Can I run FMS13 and FMP13 on the same machine? FMS to host the database and FMP to use and edit the database.

           We would like to avoid buying an additional machine just to keep up with Filemaker's wacky stuff.

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               Standard wisdom says it's not a good idea to run FMS and FMP  on the same machine. However you don't need to spend a fortune on another machine. If your connectivity demands are low, and it appears they are, you can buy a Mac Mini and bump the RAM and attach a local drive for backup.

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                 Thanks for the advice Rick.

                 The big issue I have is that I need FMS13 to have the 8 users that are supported by FMP12. I really wish I could have the same amount of peer to peer connections as I have in FM12. I have spoken with Filemaker and written them but they just do not care.

                 If I want to upgrade what I have I should be able to just upgrade without the need for new software and major new hardware. However that ship seems to have sailed and nothing seems to be changing even if it is wrong in principle. One of the main reasons we went with Filemaker was that we could run our system hosting peer to peer with out the need for a server and extra hardware and complication. A definite bait and switch for us as we came to Filemaker middle of last year.

                 For a decent Mac mini I might as well buy another iMac for a few $ more.


                 What bad things happen running both on the same machine? I can envision the trouble of FMP going on the network to try to find itself being an issue.


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              Markus Schneider

                   With enough RAM, it should work - but I won't recommend that for daily use/production use

                   - FMS is a service, not an user process.

                   - if You crash Your System and You have to reboot, FMS is affected.. Your machine is no longer just 'Your's'

                   - keep in mind to NOT 'time-machine' the FMS' databases, only the backup folder of FMS

                   - while FMS is running schedules (backups..), Your work-process might be slow (and vice versa, more morse...)

                   - more to add...


                   I bought second hand Mini's as FMS machines (I'd suggest to look for unibody Mini's btw) and added RAM (can be done easily by Yourself)