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FMPS 13.0.5 "Administrator Groups"  not showing

Question asked by alternapop on Feb 13, 2015


FMPS 13.0.5 "Administrator Groups"  not showing

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I'm running FMPS on a Win 2008 r2 server.    I've seen this twice where I'll open up the Admin Console, click on General Settings > Administrator Groups and no groups appear, despite me previously adding them.

The first time it happened, I re-added the groups.  I rebooted the server at some point after that and then it showed duplicates for all the groups.  I then deleted the dupes to only leave one of each.

It's doing it again, not showing any groups.   I can't restart the server to see if that causes them to reappear because the server is in production.

The groups work though because I was just able to upload and host a test database using a test account.