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FMPS 13.0v3

Question asked by alan_barker on Jul 11, 2014
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FMPS 13.0v3

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     Thank you for letting me know about the update.  Because we were having quite a few problems with our FMPS13.01 installation, I immediately applied the patch.  I’ve made note of a couple of things:


  1.           The new v3 release does seem more stable, we have not had a crash since applying the patch
  3.           The new v3 release does NOT correct the extreme sluggishness of the remote admin console that I and many others have reported.
  5.           When you interrogate the Host Server for its application version from a remote client via Get(HostApplicationVersion) it returns a “Server 13.0v2” string even though Status panel on the Admin console reports it is running



     Alan Barker