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FMPS13 - configuring web/IIS for second IP (public)

Question asked by alternapop on Mar 27, 2014
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FMPS13 - configuring web/IIS for second IP (public)

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     I have a Windows 2008 server running Filemaker Pro Server 13.   It has two IP addresses.  An internal one and an external one for public access via port 80 & 443.

     When I load the below url, using the internal IP, it's showing my test database.   (example IP, port 443)


     When I load the external IP... (example IP, port 443)

     it returns a 404 "not found" error.  However loading the same public IP by itself, port 80 or 443, without /fmi/webd/ returns the IIS7 default image.


     WIthin IIS there are two sites:

     "Default Web Site"  - *:80  (stopped)

     "FMWebSite" - *:80, *:443, *:16000  (running)


     What do I need to do to get the public IP to see the FMP directory just like the internal one does?