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    FMPSA11 on Win2k3 Server, Authenticate via Open Directory



      FMPSA11 on Win2k3 Server, Authenticate via Open Directory

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      Has anyone been able to accomplish this?  I really could use some help.

      As mentioned, FMPSA11 on Win2k3 server, would like for clients (either Mac or Windows) to authenticate against our Open Directory server(s).

      I've set Filemaker Accounts and External Authentication in the Security tab of the FMPSA Admin Console, and I've set up an account in a FMP file named the same as a group in Open Directory (faculty), and set that as an External Server type of account.  I've also set that account to use the Read-Only Access privilege set to which I've added the Extended Privilege of Access via Filemaker Network.  I have also tried specifying the account name in FMP as "domain\faculty" (using the actual domain name of the Open Directory server), but neither approach seems to permit a user in the faculty group to log in.

      On the Open Directory server I do not see any errors to indicate that an attempt to authenticate failed but in the FMP client what I see is "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file.  Please try again".  In the Server Events log in FMPSA 11, the error message I see is: Client "Technology Office (devmail) []" authentication failed on database "test.fp7" using "sjobs [fmapp]".  I am attempting to open the database file from the same computer as FMPSA resides on but have also tried from a completely separate computer.

      Is this something that can actually be done or am I barking up the wrong tree?  I've read that it can be done in reverse - FMPSA on OS X, authentication against Active Directory.

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          Have you checked the security log on the W2K3 server running FMSA11?  It may have useful information about why the logon failed.

          Would you be willing to try a small experiment?  Try setting up an Administrator Group via the admin console that uses an external group in your OD and see if you can log on to the administrator console using an account in that group.  Most likely you will have to type the username as username@your.od.realm or odshortname\username

          If that works, then I suspect you have the same problem as us.  It appears that FMSA11 uses interactive logons for administrative access.  Interactive logons will obtain kerberos credentials, which I think is what OD uses and are also used in our hybrid K5/AD environment, thus we can use administrator groups successfully.  However, the client connections appear to use network logons which try to do a simple logon that doesn't fetch full credentials and causes the logons to fail when they would require kerberos credentials, thus our client logons fail.

          Good luck,

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            I attempted to perform the test you described but I cannot create an admin group that uses an external group because I cannot bind the Win2K3 server to Open Directory without demoting it from being a Domain controller and I don't want to do that.

            My scenario is a bit different than the typical in that I'm trying to get away from Macs authenticating against Active Directory.  I work at a school and I'm pushing things towards nearly all Mac with a few exceptions.  I have a Win2K3 server that I'd like to use to host Filemaker since it's a sunk cost and my department's budget is regularly being reduced.  In spite of that, I'd like for the Macs which will be authenticating against Open Directory to be able to access Filemaker without having to log in.

            I'm guessing it would be necessary to bind the Win2K3 server to Open Directory (functioning as a Windows domain controller) but something tells me that won't be possible without demoting the Win2K3 server from a Domain Controller.  Or, perhaps the easier answer is to find a Mac to run FMPSA on.


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              I didn't notice if you set up your Directory Service Settings in the Filemaker 11 Server Administrator.

              Go to:

              Database Server>Filemaker Pro Clients>Configure Directory Service Button.

              Try these settings:



              Replace <domain> with yours.

              I don't know how your network is set up, but it works for me. Just be sure the computer logging on to the FM database is logging into the domain on startup. Then you wont be prompted for a password in the filemaker database. If someone logs in with external authentication, then Get(AccountName) gives you their real account name in the external directory server. The Get (PrivilegeSetName) function returns the name of the privilege set assigned to the current user. If you change the name of a privilege set then you have to modify scripts too.