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FMPSA11 on Win2k3 Server, Authenticate via Open Directory

Question asked by TechnologyDepartment on Aug 3, 2010
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FMPSA11 on Win2k3 Server, Authenticate via Open Directory

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Has anyone been able to accomplish this?  I really could use some help.

As mentioned, FMPSA11 on Win2k3 server, would like for clients (either Mac or Windows) to authenticate against our Open Directory server(s).

I've set Filemaker Accounts and External Authentication in the Security tab of the FMPSA Admin Console, and I've set up an account in a FMP file named the same as a group in Open Directory (faculty), and set that as an External Server type of account.  I've also set that account to use the Read-Only Access privilege set to which I've added the Extended Privilege of Access via Filemaker Network.  I have also tried specifying the account name in FMP as "domain\faculty" (using the actual domain name of the Open Directory server), but neither approach seems to permit a user in the faculty group to log in.

On the Open Directory server I do not see any errors to indicate that an attempt to authenticate failed but in the FMP client what I see is "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file.  Please try again".  In the Server Events log in FMPSA 11, the error message I see is: Client "Technology Office (devmail) []" authentication failed on database "test.fp7" using "sjobs [fmapp]".  I am attempting to open the database file from the same computer as FMPSA resides on but have also tried from a completely separate computer.

Is this something that can actually be done or am I barking up the wrong tree?  I've read that it can be done in reverse - FMPSA on OS X, authentication against Active Directory.