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FMS - Admin Console not starting on Windows even after 11.0.3 update

Question asked by JonathanManton on May 31, 2011
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FMS - Admin Console not starting on Windows even after 11.0.3 update

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I am unable to start my admin console on Windows even after applying the 11.0.3 update.  I am at wits end with this, and need help finding additional diagnostic information to solve my problem.

The exact error I get is that whenever I try to start the admin console, I get the splash screen, then a pop-up box (entitled "Admin Console Startup Error") that says "Admin Console could not start: Admin Server Manager unavailable."  Note that the server process appears to be fine - I can access databases on the machine.  I just cannot do administration tasks.

I am running a VM with (fully-patched) Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64).  I have updated my server using the patch to  I got this error with Java 6 Update 24.  I have also updated to Java 6 Update 25, and get the same error.  With both updates I went to the Java control panel and cleared the cache before running the application.

I have tried restarting the admin server manager with the command line "fmsadmin.exe restart adminserver", which asks for a confirmation, waits a bit, then exits (which is what I would expect).  However I still get the same error when trying to access the admin console.

I tried to access the console from a different remote machine, but I am getting permissions problems when I do that (most likely related to how IIS is configured on the server, rather than anything to do with FileMaker), so I cannot currently test it from a remote machine.

I believe I was hit by the issue from , so I followed the instructions there and reapplied the update.

I cannot find any useful log information in either the Windows event logs or in the FileMaker Server/Logs directory.  I find access information, and the filemaker server starting and stopping, but nothing related to the admin console at all.