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FMS 10 Advance Crashes on OSXS 10.5.8

Question asked by FluffyBear on Sep 3, 2009


FMS 10 Advance Crashes on OSXS 10.5.8

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We've just started getting this problem after upgrading the OS to 10.5.8 and I was wondering if anyone else is seeing similar problems.


We have FMS 10 Advance on OSX 10.5.x,  we've been hosting the system on 10.5.7 for the last few months and everything was fairly stable with maybe one restart a month or fewer.


Since about 8/20/09 we upgraded the OS to 10.5.8 and have experienced roughly about 1 crash per day.  Have already upgraded to latest FMS10A version since tuesday, no effect...


The crashes are happening at random time when the backup is not running and no one is doing any obvious large operation.  Someone click on a layout,  the cursor spin,  if the person try to force quit, or if we disconnect the client from the server, the entire server will go down.


The client side stalling have occured on both Windows XP as well as OSX 10.5.x based clients.  


Our server is setup to use the Actual Technology ODBC client library and local LDAP network authentication.