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FMS 10 and Windows Server 2003 - problem with database access

Question asked by jp3 on Oct 19, 2009
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FMS 10 and Windows Server 2003 - problem with database access

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I am having a problem with FMS Advanced on Windows 2003 Server running as a VMware virtual machine.  I know the problem is happening when a user tries to open a database and it asks for a login.  (FMS is set to use external authentication via AD, so usually anyone on the domain does not need to login.)


Most of the databases require AD credentials for users to login.  Authentication with AD credentials fails.  However, I am able to open the FMS sample db (which doesn't require AD credentials) without a problem.


Compounding this problem, however, is that after this happens, I have limited functionality with the Admin console.  I tried to close all of the databases, but nothing happened.  Other parts of the console are functioning - I can go through the various menus, and I can look at the server logs (which showed no issues), but I can't close the databases.  I tried to close the databases from the command line, but I get no response.  Stopping the database server in the Admin console also failed.  Stopping the Filemaker Service in Windows doesn't work either.  The only way I've been able to resolve it successfully is to switch the service from Automatic to Disabled, restart the virtual machine, and then start the FM service.


In the past, I had considered the following possibilities:
issues associated with a script that always seemed to be stuck on "running" when I logged into the admin console after discovering the problem - the script in question is no longer used, and no scripts were running at the time problem developed

issue associated with server set to display only databases user was authorized to access - setting was already disabled

This problem happens without any noticeable pattern.  FMS logs have yielded nothing.  Nothing has really stood out in the Event Viewer either, but I have to give it another look.  Does anyone have any other ideas?